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5 ways to start small talk in English

2 年前
Whether we like it or not, making small talk is simply a part of most English-speaking societies. It's what could land you the job if it's down to you and one other person with your same qualifications. It's what would help you get new customers at your business simply because they feel more comfortable.

However small talk can feel daunting (scary) even to native speakers. What on earth should we talk about. Here are 5 ways you can start some small talk:

- Make a statement about the weather. If it's raining, say "wow it's really coming down today!" If it's sunny, say "it's a beautiful day today, isn't it?" The other person will at least respond and probably make an exclamation of their own.
- Give a compliment. This one is best used in women-women interactions. When it's opposite genders, it could come off as flirting. However if it's two women, something like "I love that dress! Where did you get it?" is sure to start a conversation. First, the other woman is feeling happy you just complimented her. Second, you two could make small talk about the shop she bought it at.
- The local sports team. I would suggest this only if you like sports (I'm not a huge sports fan myself). Making a statement about recent wins will be sure to start a conversation.
- Movies! Simply ask them if they've seen any good movies recently. Either you've seen what they've seen and you can discuss it, or they've seen a movie you haven't seen but want to and you can ask them about it.
- Weekend plans. In general, asking "oh are you up to anything fun this weekend?" is a pretty safe and fun topic.

What are some other topics, questions or statements you would use to start small talk?