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Some fun English idioms

2 年前
We use a lot of idioms in English. However in the moment, I can never remember them. So I decided to make a note in my phone and write them down as I remember them or use them.

So far I have at least 30. So I thought I'd share a few of them with you:

- Icing on the cake. So icing is the mixture of sugar and butter that we spread on top of cakes. It's quite delicious. However this expression means when something is good and then something even better happens. For example: "Meeting the band backstage after an amazing concert was icing on the cake!"

- Getting cold feet. Someone gets cold feet when they're about to do something big and are afraid. For example: "She got cold feet on her wedding day and decided not to marry him."

- Up his alley. An alley is a narrow passageway in the city. However in this expression, it's used when something is something someone would like, it's up their alley. For example: "You have to talk to my friend Susan about scrapbooking. It's right up her alley."

- Quite a trip. We typically say this about a person who is funny. For example: "My coworker Steve is quite a trip. He's always making us laugh."

What are some English expressions that you like?