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Andrew Braun

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I'm currently working on using Dungeons and Dragons (a role-playing game) as an English teaching tool. If you're interested in practicing English through an interactive, creative game, I'd love to work with you!

I also use other games, like online board games and text-based adventures, so if you're interested in learning English with those games, let me know :)

I'm a beginner web developer using JavaScript, React, Gatsby, Python, PostgreSQL, Firebase, WordPress, PHP, and more. If you're interested in talking about any programming and/or technology topics or preparing for technical interviews, I'm an English teacher that can understand your technological terms!


## About me:
I have taught English in South Korea, Italy, the U.S, and online since 2012, and I specialize in technology/programming English, gamified learning, conversation practice, writing, and test preparation.

I love learning and traveling, and I'm interested in many different subjects: coding, board games, world news, food, culture, science, technology, politics, economics, data, beer, travel, and more (though I don't know very much about sports!).

### My experience:
I taught for three years in South Korea, at the primary, secondary, and adult levels, and have also taught adults in Italy and the U.S. Currently, I am studying web development, data analysis, and economics while teaching online classes, building websites, and writing articles for technology websites.

### My style:
As a teacher, I'm very flexible and friendly. I believe that students always do best when they are relaxed, so I will usually let you set the pace. If you have something specific you want to learn or study, please come prepared with a basic plan and some examples of what you'd like to do. I have my own resources and materials, but I'll be able to help you best if you show me what you need.


## About my classes

My classes fall into several major categories: Games, Structured Lessons, and Unstructured Lessons. You don't have to sign up for a single type of lesson--you can have some game lessons, some structured lessons, and some unstructured lessons!

### Games
This is an experimental, but very fun class type! There are two types of games: role-playing games and board games.

With role-playing games (RPG, like Dungeons and Dragons) I'lI guide you through a story. You'll read information, solve puzzles, have conversations with different characters, and use your abilities to defeat monsters. You'll make a custom character and make choices about his/her career, personality, and abilities.

With board games, we'll use an online gaming site to learn and play a board game--preferably one that requires speaking and vocabulary practice, like Scrabble or Pandemic.

### Structured Lessons
My structured lessons are all run through a website called Off2Class ( You'll get an account, a personalized English language assessment test that tells you your CEFR level, a choice of lessons on any topic or grammar concept you want, and regular homework assignments.

A structured class will consist mostly of going through lessons on this site, discussing concepts and topics, and doing some other activities for practice and/or fun as needed.

### Unstructured Lessons
Just talk! If you really want to get comfortable with English, conversations are a must. We'll talk about your choice of topic. We can do an article discussion, a set of questions, or just free talking about whatever you like.

## How to be a good student

I love working with students who are self-motivated! You are the student, and YOU control your own learning. You are the rocket that goes into space; I'm just the mechanic that helps you get there :) There's no magic learning plan I can make you that will replace your own studying and motivation!


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2010 - 2014
B.A in Sociology
Beaver Falls, PA
Learning about human group interactions and behaviors
2010 - 2014
B.A in History
Beaver Falls, PA
Focus on Asian history


Web Developer - Online
Working as a freelance web developer covering a variety of technologies and client needs
2016 - 2017
Native English Teacher
Ulsan, South Korea
Taught English vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills to elementary school students
2015 - 2017
Language Instructor
Daejeon, South Korea
Taught conversational English and test preparation skills to after-school students
2013 - 2013
Volunteer English Teacher
Rome, Italy
Taught conversational English to second-language learners in Rome, Italy
2015 - 0
Writer and editor
I write for a variety of online publications, generating informative and up-to-date content on a wide variety of topics
2017 - 0
Language Instructor
Teaching conversational English and test preparation skills to a wide variety of students


2016 - 2016
English Teaching Certificate
Busan, South Korea
Hands-on training and seminars to develop practical teaching skills
2015 - 2015
TEFL Certificate
Learning skills and concepts for effective English teaching