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Nonsense or beauty?

منذ ٥ أعوام
Literate translations from one language to another can result in horrible/funny meanings that may have nothing to do with the actual phrase in the original language. Arabic is no exception.

Some Arabic phrases can sound very weird when translated literately into English or another language. It gets even weirder when using a certain dialect. Let's have a look at some Egyptian Arabic phrases for example:

مِش جايْلِي نُوم = No sleep is coming to me. Actual meaning = I don't feel like sleeping
مالَكْشْ دَعْوَة = No invitation for you. Actual meaning = "none of your business"

Translations can make normal phrases sound funny in a different language, yet as an Egyptian, I find those phrases very normal to my ear. I also discover the secret beauty of Arabic behind every phrase, whether it's Egyptian or Modern Standard Arabic.

What about you?

Do you have any phrases in your native language that may sound funny or different in English or another language? Share with us..