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Hi I am a 15 -year-veteran Language Trainer/English Teacher, who believes that all students can master English with hard work and a good foundation. Are you ready to speak and write English with confidence? Are you ready to understand everything your English-speaking coworkers say in meetings? Are you ready to progress at work? Are you going to take a Master's course? If so, look at my classes and get ready to improve and meet your English goal!

General English, focus on its daily usage
I have worked with children and adults.

Business English, focus on the vocabulary and skills needed in the sector
I have given classes in major companies, hospitals and public institution.

English Proficiency Test, preparation for all levels ( A1 to C2).
All of my students have passed their exams. In fact, some have received higher qualifications than expected.

General/Business English Class
All lessons are designed around the core elements of English and taught within a real-world context.
1. You start talking and interacting with English in a natural way from the first class.
2. You maximize your oral skills (regardless of level) through engaging/interesting topics .
3. You improve your writing and listening skills
4. You learn to analyze your errors and to supply the solutions. With this approach, you build confidence and see English as a natural part of your life. This is an essential element for your continuous advancement.
5. We evaluate your needs and prepare a suitable study plan.
6. Exams and quizzes are given to monitor your growth.

English Proficiency Test Class
All lessons and materials used adhere to the American and European framework for these exams.
1. Reading
2. Writing, regular assignments
3. Listening, weekly
4. Grammar
5. Speaking
6. We evaluate your needs and prepare a suitable study plan.
Exams and quizzes are given to monitor your growth.
You do mock exams on a regular basis to prepare you for the testing environment.

All lessons (general/business/exams) are dynamic, productive, an d fun, where your unique needs are met.
Your feedback is encouraged and immediately applied.

I love to see students reach their language goals. What type of class are you looking for to reach your goal? Schedule your class to get start!
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1995 - 2003
B.A. English
St. Joseph College - Brooklyn, NY

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2009 - 2015
Language Trainer/English Teacher
Giralda Center - Seville, Spain
General & Business English
2015 - 2014
Language Instructor/English Teacher
Academia de Idiomas ADIS - Seville, Spain
General/Business English and Cambridge Exams
2015 - 2014
Language Instructor/English Teacher
Diverbo - Seville, Spain
General & Business English
2009 - 2007
Language Instructor/English Teacher
Language Company - Seville, Spain
General English
2017 - 2006
Language Instructor/English Teacher
Self-employed - Seville, Spain
General English, Business English, Official Language Exams (Cambridge, Trinity, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.)
2002 - 2003
Math Teacher
IS 162 - Brooklyn,NY
Middle School Math

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