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Hello, My name is Alexane, a native french speaker.

Thanks to my own learning experiences and my over 5 years as an online tutor I truly believe that in order to learn a language you have to speak it. I am an advocate of Conversational and Experiential learning.

I am specialised in Conversational French, French for students and business and French for travellers.

I teach from A2+ to C2. I DO NOT TEACH BEGINNERS.


✅ INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED classes designed to improve your speaking and prononciation ability, your vocabulary and your thinking - based on:
- Conversation upon your preference and/or
- Reading as per your taste and/or
- Listening podcast or video and/or
- Grammar improvement through specific lessons and exercices.

✅ TRAVEL French classes - for students who want to study abroad or go to a French speaking country in holidays or to work. (Based on dialogue, role-play, cultural knowledge…).

✅ BUSINESS French for students who are working in France or with a French compagnie. Also, I can help your to get a better resume or to prepare a French interview. (Based on my 2 MASTER degree in Business Law and New Technologies + specialised articles and vocabulary)

✅ STUDENT doing French studies - I will help you to correct and improve your homework, your essai and so on. I will provide you techniques and materials to improve your vocabulary and speaking.

✅ DEFL/ DALF production orale - based on the level of the student I can help you to prepare the “production orale” test.

✅ CUSTOMISED classes as per your request - I can adapt my classes based on your needs and your preferences.


➤ My classes will help you to improve : speaking, prononciation, vocabulary, writing, reading and thinking in French based on your needs and what need to be improved.

➤ I can provide homework for you based on the lesson we are studying and your needs.

➤ You can choose to mix different topics classes.

➤ If you have few times to learn, we can organise 30 minutes classes but if you want to improve you must be regular.

➤ Do not hesitate to take a trial class with me. It is the best way for you to see if you like a teaching approche and for me to know better your needs, what you like and how I can help you to improve your french.

IMPORTANT: My goal is to teach you the basic and the tools that gonna help you improve your french. It is important for you to practice your french in between our classes.

Why studying French with me?

🔍 I know from my own experience than the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture and to speak as mush as possible (even thought at the beginning it is scary and you don’t know a lot of words).
It is how I learned English, Spanish and how I am learning Bahasa Indonesia.
So in my classes will let you speak as mush as possible and correct you when it is necessary.

🔍 I struggle learning English, so I develop techniques to make it fun and effectif. So it is how I build my French classes.

🔍 I see my classes as a safe space to make mistakes, improve and learn at your our own pace.

🔍 I am a curious and open minded person. I am passionated about art, culture, photography, food, travel (currently living in Bali), TV show, reading, nature … So I can adapt our classes upon your preferences. Even though I am not familiar with on of your passion, it will be an amazing opportunity for me to learn something new.

🔍 My classes can be personalised upon your taste and different materials can be used : song, article, video, podcast, recipe, comics, picture…

🔍 My students say about me that I am have the ability to motivate them and to maintain a high energy level and positive mindset and that I provide enriching encouragement during my classes. And also, that I have the ability to facilitate the discussion, I am patient and enthusiastic to teach French.

For more details, please contact me.
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Présentations, discussion sur la vie quotidienne, l'apprentissage du français et les besoins lors des classes de français.
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Master II New technology Law
Paris Descartes V - Paris
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Master II Business Law
Université Grenoble - Grenoble

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2017 - 2018
Private french Teacher
For kids and teenagers : - Helping them with homework. - Review of lesson and grammar rules. - Creating complementaries exercices. - Preparing them for school's examens ... For adults : - Conversations according to their level and needs (jobs, travel, interest...). - Pronunciation improvement. - Grammar skills improvement. - Comprehension improvement ...
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Online french Teacher
For beginner, intermediate and advanced : Conversations according to their level and needs (jobs, travel, interest...). - Pronunciation improvement - Grammar skills improvement - Comprehension improvement - Complementaries exercices - Notes and explanations of grammar rules...