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Hello! I'm accepting a few new clients. If you're interested message me and tell me about yourself and we can talk about how to determine if I'm a good fit for you. I have more flexibility than is currently reflected in my verbling schedule. I hope to hear from you!

I’m a specialist in American English speaking skills; an accent trainer and language coach. I help my clients communicate with more clarity, confidence and impact. I offer both accent training, and language coaching; depending on your needs. My specialty is supporting professionals who must make a sudden jump in their English skills; whether that is because of a new job or an upcoming presentation, interview or conference. I have many years experience as an educator, and I am skilled at teaching speaking, writing and academic skills.

Together we will create and implement a strategic plan for success. Plans with clients typically include:

-Identifying the most important things to improve in your speech to sound more clear and authoritative; perhaps grammar mistakes, pronunciation issues or confidence
-Improving the clarity of your speech; learning American english sounds and speech rhythms
-Preparation and support for real time English events in meetings, webinars, presentations etc.
-Developing vocabulary to help express yourself better in professional, personal, and small talk situations
-Writing instruction to help you easily answer emails, write reports, blog posts and articles
-Editing support to help you keep up with writing tasks
-Speaking training including work on delivery, voice quality and creating an effective message
-Developing your own “voice” in English - creative writing, storytelling, executive presence

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2018 - 2018
Neurolanguage Coach Training
Efficient Language Coaching - U.K.
Course in language coaching certified by the International Coach Federation
2017 - 2017
Teaching English Pronunciation Course
Oxford TEFL - Barcelona, Spain
Course in teaching English pronunciation
2016 - 2016
TEFL training
Maximo Nivel - Antigua, Guatemala
150 Hour Certification course in teaching English
2016 - 2016
Certificate in Teaching English Grammar
Bridge TEFL - USA
40 hour certificate program
2005 - 2008
Teaching Certificate Program
Dominican University - San Rafael, CA
completed all requirements for my California K-12 multiple subject teaching credential
2002 - 2004
Waldorf Teaching Training
Rudolf Steiner College - Fair Oaks, CA
two year full time program to become a teacher in Waldorf schools
1989 - 1992
B.A. with honors Philosophy
Mills College - Oakland CA

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2016 - 2017
English Teacher
Maximo Nivel - Antigua Guatemala
Taught English to adults and adolescents
2008 - 2013
School teacher
San Francisco Waldorf School - San Francisco CA
Taught 1-5 grades
2004 - 2008
School teacher
Sebastopol Independent Charter School - Sebastopol CA
taught 1- 4 grades
2017 - 0
Online English Tutor
Teaching English online to all levels of students with a 4.95 rating, one of the highest on the site.


2016 - 2016
TEFL Certificate
Maximo Nivel - Antigua Guatemala
150 hour TEFL training with a week of practicum
2008 - 2008
K-12 Multiple Subject Teaching Credential in California and Oregon
States of California and Oregon - Oregon, USA
License to work in all schools in two states in all subjects with special certification in English Language Learners