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Hello everyone! My name is Anne-Sophie, I’m a native french speaker and after studying Business to the Master level, I have decided to travel, which allowed me to improve my language skills! I had the opportunity to learn English only by the practice and enjoy Spanish, my father tongue! It's with pleasure that I share my experience and adapt myself to your needs, whatever your level, in order to progress together, with confidence! We can concentrate on your writing & speaking skills (comprehension/expression), your pronunciation, improve your vocabulary with role-play traveling or your favorite theme on free conversation! Do not hesitate to contact me if you have a question, see you soon!

About my Class :

During the lesson, I adapt myself to the student depending of his/her level and his/her interests & objectives. As a community tutor since more than 3 years, every student I work with is different with unique experience, age, personality and different goals to achieve. That’s why is important for me to personalize the work to each one.

Free conversation (both comprehension and expression) will allow you to learn more vocabulary, new kind of french expressions, to improve your pronunciation, to review conjugation useful for oral practice and review some grammatical/phrase structures.

We will work on your narration (your capacity to tell a story) in order to improve your ability to follow a timeline and to organize your ideas each time faster before to talk. To my mind it's really important to feel concerned by the subject, that’s why we can talk about a topic that you know or you like, an experience you've already lived or one travel you will have in the future.

For sure, I support you with an immediate correction on the Chat conversation of Skype or Italki Classroom (Correction, vocabulary, synonyms, conjugations and exemples that you can consult whenever you want. Available 6 months on the chat of Italki and forever on the chat of Skype).

French is a really rich language with a lot of possibilities to express the same idea. I will offer you different forms to say your sentence depending of the context and the language level : Colloquial/Familiar Language at home with family, Common Language with friends or Formal Language which is better for professional situation.

I am used to work with kids and teenagers, to follow them through their school curriculum, helping them to prepare an exam or to do home works. Same for adult who wants to prepare a test, Master thesis, language exam, or who wants to have a professional use of French : professional language levels, how to write an e-mail, professional « jargon » adapted to the specific professional field.
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2014 - 2015
Master Management et Ingénierie du Sport - Spécialité Sports de Glisse
Centre Universitaire de Bordeaux - Bayonne - Pyrénées Atlantiques - France
1er année de Master
2013 - 2014
Licence 3ème année Marketing et Commerciale
Centre de Formation - Bayonne - Pyrénées Atlantiques - France
Licence 3ème année Marketing et Commerciale en alternance avec l'Entreprise PADD France
2011 - 2013
BTS MUC - Management des Unités Commerciales
Centre de Formation IFC - Avignon, Vaucluse, France
Brevet Technicien Supérieur en Management des Unités Commerciales en alternance avec l'Entreprise Décathlon France
2006 - 2009
Baccalauréat Scientifique - Spécialité Sciences de L'Ingénieur
Lycée Jean Prouvé - Lommes, Nord, France
Baccalauréat Scientifique - Spécialité Sciences de l'Ingénieur de 2nd à Terminale
2002 - 2006
Brevet des Collèges
Collège Jean Mermoz - Fâches-Thumesnil, Nord, France
Parcours de collège, 6ème à 3ème générale

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2014 - 2015
World Surf League - Assistante Manager Evénementiel
World Surf League Europe - Hossegor - Landes - France
Période de Stage - 1er année de Master
2011 - 2013
Manager Assistant - Chef de Rayon - Entreprise Décathlon
Décathlon France - Avignon - Vaucluse - France
Période d'Alternance - BTS Management des Unités Commerciales
2018 - 0
Professeur de Langue Française - Tuteur communautaire
Italki Web Site - Everywhere
Professeur de Langue Française - Tuteur communautaire pour élève de débutant à confirmé, particulier à professionnel et enfants à adultes