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Hello, My name is Benjamin and I currently reside in Washington, DC, USA. I am an English as a Second Language Teacher of more than nine years of experience since 2014 and have worked to teach english in cities like Boston, Medellin, and Istanbul. I have my Masters of Science degree from Georgetown University since May of 2021. My writing, editing, and speaking skills have been very well developed through both professional and educational experiences.

I am a college graduate from The George Washington University where I earned my Bachelor's degree. I received my TEFL/TESOL certificate from the International TEFL Academy that is based out of Chicago, Illinois, USA in January 2014.

I earned a final grade of 98% over an 11-week period and was certified shortly after that. In addition to the 180 hours of instruction I received, I have more than twenty hours of past practical tutoring and observation at the an ESL Academy in Queens, New York. In the past, I have tutored privately and taught English to students at Berlitz Inc., the Huntington Learning Center, and the SEIU 615 labor union.

I was a full-time English language teacher at schools in Istanbul, Turkey and Medellin, Colombia where I instructed young learners in my native language for 25-30 hours of lessons per week. I am not only able to help your average English learner but I can also help in the areas of Business English along with assisting Young Learners.

I am proficient in all parts of the English language such as speaking, reading, writing, and listening. I ensure that each of my students also becomes proficient in learning about English grammar and vocabulary in order to improve their knowledge overall.
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I will get to know you as an English student and how best I can help you with more lessons after testing your proficiency level and seeing where you need the most help in improving your language skills.
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2018 - 2021
Masters of Science in Foreign Service Degree
Georgetown University - Washington, DC, USA
International Business Diplomacy, Global Politics and Security
2009 - 2013
Bachelor's Degree (International Affairs, Political Science)
The George Washington University - Washington, DC, USA
Bachelor's Degree in International Affairs, Political Science w/ a minor in Geographic Information Systems

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English Language Instructor - Online
• Taught hundreds of classes so far to students from around the world on different ESL topics such as grammar, vocabulary, writing, reading, and other language skills. • Prepared lesson plans, presentations and class activities on a daily basis in order to help my ESL students improve their fluency and their knowledge of the English language. • Used Google+ Hangouts as my main platform and classroom tool for videos, presentations, and other online activities in order to help my students improve their English proficiency.
2017 - 2018
AmeriCorps Volunteer
AmeriCorps - The New American Integration Program - Boston, MA, USA
Citizenship Coordinator and Legal Services Provider to Immigrants and Refugees
2018 - 2018
English as a Second Language Teacher
SEIU 32BJ – New England 615 Local, Property Service Workers Union - Boston, Massachusetts, USA
• Taught a class of 15 immigrant workers who worked for SEIU in property services in a high intermediate ESL class for a period of 16 weeks • Prepared lesson plans, presentations and class activities for every weekend class in order to help my ESL students improve their knowledge and proficiency in the English language • Covered different grammatical topics such as simple past, present perfect, and future progressive tense in order to boost students’ knowledge of the English language • Incorporated listening, speaking, and writing activities to supplement the base of knowledge that my students had obtained in previous ESL classes related to grammar and vocabulary
2017 - 2017
Irish International Immigrant Center
English for U.S. Citizenship Teacher, Part-Time Volunteer - Boston, Massachusetts, USA
• Taught a class of immigrants and refugees an ESL class for a semester focused on obtaining U.S. citizenship by passing the naturalization exam. The course was ten weeks total and was free for the students. • Prepared lesson plans, presentations and class activities related to U.S. history and government in order to help my students succeed during the U.S. citizenship process.
2016 - 2017
English Teaching Fellow
Heart For Change - Colombia Volunteer Program - Medellin, Colombia
• Taught hundreds of 9th, 10th and 11th grade Colombian students in a local public school about ESL topics such as grammar, vocabulary, listening, writing, reading, and speaking skills. • Prepared lesson plans, presentations and class activities on a daily basis in order to help my ESL students improve their knowledge and proficiency in the English language. • Assisted my Colombian co-teacher with planning lessons, creating projects, hosting cultural events, and working to improve his English grammar and pronunciation. • Co-Leader, Camp Counselor for a YMCA English Immersion Camp for high school students to improve their English proficiency sponsored by the Colombian Ministry of Education
2014 - 2015
English Teacher (ESL - High School)
ISTEK Foundation - Private Schools (K-12), Bilge Kağan Campus - Istanbul, Turkey
• Taught multiple classes of Turkish high school students from 9th Grade and Prep year along with covering other teachers’ lessons, observed their classes and lesson activities •Prepared lesson plans and classroom activities on a weekly basis with other faculty members and colleagues in order to prepare the ESL students for their examinations, quizzes, and other assignments • Working 40-45 hours per week at the school which includes 20-25 hours of lessons, grading, extra help tutoring, and Model UN Club Meetings as a faculty advisor
2014 - 2014
Adjunct Instructor - English Language
Berlitz - Washington, DC, USA
-Worked 20-25 hours per week at the Berlitz - Washington DC office where I teach foreign learners of the English language how to improve their skills at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. I prepare lesson plans, activities to bolster my students' speaking, writing, reading, and listening proficiencies.
2014 - 2014
English Tutor (Volunteer)
Washington English Center - Washington, DC, USA
-Tutored once a week for an hour or two at a local ESL organization and helped an Ethiopian immigrant and two Japanese tourists improve their 'Basic A' English language skills.


Expert In English Certification
Duolingo - United States
EXPERT IN ENGLISH - Can understand virtually anything heard or read, even intellectually demanding material such as an academic lecture or a book on philosophy. Can use the language fluently and spontaneously in a way that can even be more advanced than an average native speaker.
2013 - 2013
TEFL/TESOL Certificate
International TEFL Academy - Chicago, Illinois, USA
•Officially certified as a TEFL Instructor by the International TEFL Academy •Received certification after completing 150 hours of online instruction with an experienced TESOL instructor and more than 20 hours of practical observation and tutoring at the Global ESL Academy in Queens, New York •Achieved a 98% final grade for the main TEFL certification course and a 94% on an additional 30-hour course on how to teach to young learners and students of business English.
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