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Merhaba! :)

It has always been a passion for me to learn about different languages and cultures. From my personal experience, I can say that understanding a specific culture requires the ability of speaking the language.

For instance, imagine yourself speaking Turkish while you are in Turkey, in restaurants, taxis, markets, shops... Your traveling experience becomes a completely different experience by interacting people in their native language. It helps you to socialize, bargain(!), to learn more about people and creates different perspectives in your mind. Even a "Merhaba" is highly appreciated in Turkey but if you choose having Turkish lessons with me, I can assure you to have longer conversations with Turkish people.

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Foreign Language Teaching and pursued a Master's degree at Istanbul University, specializing in Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language. My academic journey has equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of language education, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

I have teaching experience at academic level at the University of Montana as a Fulbright Teaching Assistant in the USA. I also have teaching experience in South Korea.

I have been teaching Turkish to business professionals, academics, diplomats and all manner of expatriates and their families in Istanbul and giving online Turkish lessons on Verbling.

I hold 3 certificates on Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language awarded by different universities in Istanbul. I also hold a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) Certificate.

I have given lessons to prepare students for Turkish as a foreign language examinations such as the FCO ( Foreign Commonwealth Office) Examinations.

I have participated and presented in many national and international conferences about teaching Turkish as a foreign language and about Turkey.

I am a helpful and supportive language teacher. I encourage and support my students to reach their fullest potential to enjoy and make the best of their learning experience.


1- Organizing a course around communicative, integrative tasks with good planning is very important. For that reason, authenticity, real world communication and meaningful tasks have a very significant role in my classes.

2- The lessons go from simple to more complex. Instead of focusing on intensive grammar, we focus on creating a student based environment where the natural spoken language is used. Vocabulary and grammar points are highlighted within listening and reading activities during the class.

3- All the materials are prepared by me according to your interests, proficiency level and learning goals.

I teach Turkish at all levels. In our first lesson we can find out your level and we can talk about your needs and goals. We can set a plan and start studying together to reach your learning goals!

That’s all for now. If you have any questions regarding the Turkish language and the lessons, feel free to contact me!

Looking forward to hearing from you! Görüşürüz! :)
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2019 - 2023
Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language MA Degree
Istanbul University - Istanbul
2009 - 2010
University of Montana
Fulbright Scholar
2007 - 2008
Korea University
Exchange Student at Foreign Language Teaching Department
2003 - 2008
Gazi University
Bachelor in Foreign Language Teaching
2006 - 2007
University of West Bohemia
Erasmus Exchange Student at Foreign Language Teaching Department

briefcaseخبرة العمل

2015 - 2021
Yıldız Technical University - Istanbul, Turkey
Focus in International Education
2010 - 2014
Private Language School
Turkish Language Instructor at all levels to business professionals, academics, diplomats all manner of expatriates in Istanbul.
2009 - 2010
University of Montana
Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA)