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Joshua R Teders

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Greetings☀️! I'm Joshua👨🏻‍🎓!

🌟 A certified English teacher, fluent Spanish, and high-intermediate in Portuguese
🌟 Tutoring children 👶🏼👶🏾;
🌟 More than 14 years of experience (online and at school - A1 to C2🎓);
🌟 Flexible 🕐with lesson scheduling
🌟 world-wide experience

My course features 🎓:

⭐️ find your weakness and customize your course so that you will learn fast;
⭐️ turn your difficulties into your strength 💪🏻;
⭐️ confidence building in English;
⭐️ cool and easy grammar 📚 lessons;
* I include exercises and audios, which I will share with you *materials selected according to your needs and preferences;

⭐️ homework provided;
*accent development
⭐️interactive one-to-one classes with so many topics, which will develop your speaking ability🗣!
⭐️ 24/7 Q&A

🔑 TUTORING Classes for children 👶🏼👶🏾:
💡 Materials 📔 provided (ppt files with pictures
💡 Content according to the things your little one enjoys (videos 🎥, audios 📀, songs 🎶, games 🎮).

🔑 Classes for Beginners (in Español or English) notes 📝 (your information, your goals, new vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar mistakes and etc):
💡 Introduction to the English language = 10 hours plan for those, who are not sure if they want to study English or not;
💡 For students, who want to learn some basics just for traveling 🛩;
💡 Classes from Level A1 to Level A2.
💡 Listening exercises

🔑 Classes for intermediate (with English, Español, or Portuguese) students Level B1 to B2 (I provide the materials 📔⛩, check above):
💡 Grammar-based lessons;
💡 Lessons for practicing speaking abilities 🗣.
💡Listening Exercises
🔑 Advanced students Level C1-C2:
💡 Improve your speaking/conversation classes 🗣, listening 👂🏼, and writing ✍🏼 skills ;
💡Expressions and Idioms
💡 Content can be made according to the topics you like (sport 🏃🏻, fashion 💃🏼, business, politics, gastronomy 🥐, history, culture, movies 🎥, music 🎶, Aviation and etc).

🔑 English for business :
💡 Prepare you for the interview in English
💡 To get you ready for an important business meeting.
💡 Tips to succeed
💡 Exercises will be provided.

🔑 Aviation English

Teaching area 🎓:

🌟 beginner students;
🌟 helping kids, who study English in school;
🌟 students of different age groups and levels of English knowledge (A1 to C2 🎓);
🌟 study just for fun, pleasure or simple love ❤️ for English;
🌟 learn real English, the slang, the expressions;
🌟 If you are planning to travel ✈️ to English-speaking countries;
🌟 or maybe you want to learn about English culture/history/cuisine 🥐;
🌟 even if you just want to watch movies 🎬 in English...

Welcome to my class🤗!
Hello, my name is Joshua R Teders, I'm from the USA.
I've been teaching English for over 14 years. I've taught English to students from all over the world in the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia y China for all age groups and all levels.
I've prepared students for Business/work English, Advanced classes of expressions and Idioms, conversation classes, English tutoring, and proofreading/editing.
Generally, depending on the teaching styles I use the communicative style with a focus on communication however with much younger learners I tend to use a lot of "total physical response".
I invite you all to open new windows of opportunities! Come and join!

Hola, mi nombre es Joshua R Teders, soy de Estados Unidos.
He enseñado Inglés por mas de 12 años. He enseñado en Estados Unidos, Argentina, Chile y China para todas las edades y niveles.
Generalmente, dependiendo de los estilos de enseñanza, yo uso el estilo comunicativo enfocado en la comunicación, sin embargo, con alumnos más jóvenes tiendo a usar "Respuesta Física Total"
Los invito a todos a abrir nuevas ventanas de oportunidades! Ven, únete!
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2017 - 2017
English and Biology classes
Raffles school - Kalimantan, Indonesia
Taught English and science classes to Elementary to Highschool level
2005 - 2011
Bachelors Degree in Biology
Sam Houston State University - Texas, USA
Bachelors Degree in Biology, Wildlife/Animal Science

briefcaseخبرة العمل

2017 - 2017
English classes
Sesame Street English, Spirit Kids English, Lead International English, - Nanchang, China
English classes for kids, different levels
2014 - 2016
English classes
Native Teachers, Tronwell and Freelance - Santiago, Chile
English classes for adults and kids, different levels
2013 - 2013
English classes
Universidad de Cuyo - Mendoza, Argentina
English classes for adults, different levels
2012 - 2012
English classes
Universidad de Belgrano - Buenos Aires, Argentina
English classes for adults, different levels
2007 - 2011
English classes
Sam Houston State University - Texas, USA
English classes for adults, different levels


2016 - 2016
120 hours TEFL/TESOL
Certification TEFL/TESOL
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