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Ahmed Majdy

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Formal & Egyptian Arabic language, Professional books with audio sound tracks, Reading Articles and news, Tv shows and media, Movies and series, Understanding of the Arab culture and traditions, and more.
Hello, I'm Magdy from Egypt. I offer Arabic classes to non-natives. I have a diploma and Ma degree in Teaching Arabic as a foreign language from Cairo University. I have more than 8 years of experience teaching Arabic in class and 5 years of on-line teaching, I'm a well-organized teacher and you will love the experience of learning Arabic with me. I will give you a language with a soul and you will feel it. Book a trial lesson and let's start today

I teach Arabic every morning at the French cultural center Cairo, to foreign students from Europe staying in Cairo, Egypt. It's my career since I started teaching in 2013, After my military service. I studied two diplomas in the field of teaching Arabic as a foreign language at Cairo University, and currently finishing my master's in the same field.

I have worked with different nationalities, Ages, and levels. I can help you learn Arabic wherever you are, using Online virtual classrooms. I am very familiar with all the technologies that can make our lessons fun and interesting.

I have been teaching Arabic to non-natives at Arab Academy, AinShams University, and Currently, at the French Culture Center Cairo'DEAC' and Madinah Arabic Online - tuition Center. I have helped many many students with different goals in learning Arabic and encourage them to face the fears they think in learning Arabic throughout different types of sessions focusing on their main goals and working through the CEFR. start your classes with me and you diffidently will see a difference.
I hold a Bachelor's degree in Arabic and Islamic studies. I got 2 diplomas teaching Arabic as a foreign language and currently studying an MA in Teaching Arabic as a foreign language.

I' m training students from different French institutions such as the Sorbonne university, Inalco University, and individual students too.
I am also used to help students of Duke University, Manchester University, Marburg University and students from different UN offices around the world.

You can also be one of my students if you are interested to learn Arabic. It would be a pleasure to meet and help you.

I offer intensive and extensive courses. I will put you in challenges with the language that you will win.
I'm a certified Arabic teacher. I teach Arabic On-line for almost 8 years. I can help you improve your skills especially in speaking. I offer Video and audio webinars depending on your preference.

I use professional Material Such As 'Al-arabiyyah bayn yadyk' , 'Mastering Arabic', and 'Al-takallum' for formal Arabic Al-Fusha.

I also Use 'Kalimni Arabi' and 'Kullu Tamam' to teach Spoken Egyptian Arabic.

My English level is good, to help in case we have some struggles although I use Arabic most of the time in classes except for beginning levels and grammar sessions.

I will provide you with Books and materials. You will be able to login to my platform and enjoy free materials. I'll help you pass your exams and tests. I can prepare you for oral and written exams through the weekly quizzes. We can also record our sessions and you can watch it again and again. What else can you ask for!

If you have any questions send me a message and I will be happy to help you.

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Cairo university - Giza, Egypt
Studying for my masters degree
M.A Teaching Arabic as foreign language
Cairo University - Cairo
Learning ways and methods of teaching the Arabic as a foreign language and more
TAFL Diploma
Cairo University - Cairo , Egypt
Diploma in Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers
2005 - 2010
Faculty of Education - Hulwan university , Egypt
Arabic and Islamic studies

briefcaseخبرة العمل

Arabic Lecturer
DEAC Institute Frances Cairo - Cairo , Egypt
Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers mainly French . (Modern Literature - Media Arabic ) MSA & ECA
2014 - 2015
Assistant professor
Faculty of education (Ain-Shams) - Ain-Shams , Egypt
Teaching Arabic to students of Leipzig University
2012 - 2014
Arabic tutor
Arab Academy - Garden city , Cairo , Egypt
Teaching Arabic and Creating E-books
2008 - 2010
Arabic teacher
El-ashraf primary school - Giza , Egypt
Teaching Arabic