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Quynh Chu

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- Certified in teaching Vietnamese to speakers of other languages
- Teaching Vietnamese for non-Vietnamese speakers from all around the world since 2015
- Proficient in English & able to speak some Japanese.
- Used to live and work in the UK for a year.
- Working with the mission of promoting Vietnamese language and culture to the world

Xin chào,
This is Quynh, an experienced and qualified Vietnamese language teacher who has been teaching students from all around the world (Japanese, American, Irish, English, etc.) since 2015.
I am passionate about bringing Vietnamese cultures closer to foreign friends so that they can understand and love the Vietnamese culture as I am. Besides, living in the UK for a year helps me understand how exciting it is to travel and learn a different new culture and language.
In my lessons you will have lots of chances to practice, do role-plays with a Native Vietnamese Speaker. The lesson includes everyday conversational topics that will help you gain confidence to speak your newly learnt language. You will practice speaking, lots!
Repeat and read aloud in Vietnamese most of the time so that I can help you improve your pronunciation and understanding of the rules of the Vietnamese tones and alphabet easily.
In the lessons, I use lots of vivid visual aids that will help you memorize vocabulary quickly and remember sentence structures. My goal is to help you become an active Vietnamese speaker and listener. So, I focus mainly on speaking and daily conversation. "What Vietnamese people actually speak in everyday life".
Also, I will send you copies of each lesson. Which will be sent by email or shared via Google Docs so you can review them at any time.
All lessons are fun, exciting and very informative.
Come and learn Vietnamese, start your journey today!
Please check out my Vietnamese bookếng-Việt-dàng-ebook/dp/B09Q1D91BW/?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_w=QJTOt&pf_rd_p=25c711e1-3b70-4b3c-87ab-4c340502cf34&pf_rd_r=HGFFQCK3EKSCK5JYXGXC&pd_rd_r=1aaa6d3d-3dcc-4f0f-8cfc-658fed6676b3&pd_rd_wg=SU7Ai&ref_=pd_gw_ci_mcx_mr_hp_atf_m
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Vietnamese language teacher for foreigners
iSpeak Vietlingo - Hanoi, Vietnam
•Use effectively the communication and presentation skills with clear and logic explaination to help students understand and remember lessons easily • Proficient in computer skills to build lessons and curriculum with vivid visual aids so that students can be easy to remember the vocabulary quickly
2017 - 2018
Camphill Community Mourne Grange - Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
• Supported operations and day-to-day administration with a focus on creating a caring and efficient experience for disabled residents • Using excellent interpersonal communication and problem solving skills, resolved resident complaints with patience, respect and diplomacy • Effectively managed time, prioritizing tasks in front office and created an organized work environment with careful attention to details, processes and procedures
2016 - 2017
Operation Assistant
Evolable Asia - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
• Supported manager to conduct some market researches about mobile payment in Ho Chi Minh City • Collaborated with other teams and departments to carry out the assigned work • Translated documents from English to Vietnamese and vice versa • Prepared facilities and supported manager and leadership team in meetings • Recorded meeting minutes during meetings • Managed manager’s schedule and carried out other duties as required to support manager

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