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I'm a certified teacher from Canada and I can help you speak English with more confidence and fluency!

I've been helping professionals whose first language is not English for over ten years. From my experience, I know that the problem at this point is that your English is affecting your prospects. You are an expert in your field and you express yourself well in your native language, but you feel limited when communicating in English.

You may feel frustrated because you can’t demonstrate your expertise when speaking in English. You may stay quiet in meetings or in conversations because you spend a lot of time thinking about what to say, even when you have great ideas and valuable feedback. You might feel unsure when writing emails, because you worry that there may be mistakes, or that your emails sound unprofessional.

What scares you most is that you know, if you don’t change, you will miss future opportunities. You will not be able to achieve your goals or build the life you want.

But let me assure you, you're not alone. I’ve witnessed incredible transformations in the past ten years, and the same can be true for you!

With my help, you can significantly improve your communication skills in English. You will learn the skills you need to speak effortlessly, and you will have the confidence to participate in meetings, deliver successful presentations and write professional emails in English.

Then one day, you'll expand your business and secure future opportunities, and most importantly, you'll build the life you've always dreamed of.


My methodology is unique and effective. I use neuroscience and coaching principles to make learning English faster, easier and more engaging. I offer a dynamic, learner-focused process that gives fast and sustainable results.

You will discover your confidence and get fluent in English without wasting time on academic textbooks and generic lessons. You'll be immersed in authentic content, and engage in diversified topics so you can freely express your ideas and opinions in English.

Most importantly, you’ll spend the majority of the time speaking, and you’ll learn by doing, not just by studying grammar rules. You’ll learn valuable techniques that you can apply and continue using even after you stop taking classes.


My name is Sama, a Neurolanguage Coach® from Canada who once called Ottawa home. I am an ELC® certified and accredited, and I have been helping professionals advance their English communication skills for ten years.

Twenty years ago, I ventured through the world of banking and real estate, but something was missing.

In 2007, I pursued my teaching certification, and a few years later, it led me to a classroom in Rome, Italy. That's where the magic happened. Teaching became my calling, the purpose I'd been searching for all along.

What captured my heart the most was designing lessons that empowered my students. I saw them enrich their lives, communicate more effectively while traveling, fulfill their dream of moving to an English speaking country or unlock better career opportunities.

Thank you for reading my profile. If you have any questions, I'd love to hear from you!
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2017 - 2023
Founder and Neurolanguage Coach
In English With Love - Victoria, British Columbia
2016 - 2017
English Instructor
Self Employed - Lanzarote, Spain
Private English Lessons
2015 - 2016
English Instructor
O.P. Language Academy - Malaga, Spain
Exam Preparation
2013 - 2015
English Instructor
Speak Easy Language Academy - Rome, Italy


2021 - 2022
ELC Certified and Accredited Neurolanguage Coach
Efficient Language Coaching Global SL
2002 - 2007
B.A. Economics
Carleton University - Ottawa, Canada
2007 - 2007
United TESOL - Ottawa, Canada

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