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Become a more confident, fluent and natural English speaker!

If you feel stuck in English, book your lessons now. I help students just like you every day!

What would your life be like if English was not a limitation?

★ Would you be able to have conversations in English without getting stuck?
★ Would you be able to express your personality and be yourself in English?
★ Would you be able to understand fast English speakers?
★ Would you have more work options?
★ Would you be able to answer interview questions confidently?

My lessons are perfect for you if:

★ You are worried that others won't understand your pronunciation.
★ You forget words and grammar when speaking.
★ You need to prepare for interviews and presentations.
★ You are an intermediate or advanced English learner.
★ You're thinking about living in Canada or the US, or moved there recently.
★ You are finding it difficult to understand and communicate with people in English.

I've been helping English learners become more fluent and natural speakers for over ten years. My mission is to help you transcend your limitations in English and finally experience the progress that will help you achieve your dreams.

Here's how you'll benefit from my lessons:

★ Gain the confidence to express yourself in English.
★ Learn real conversation and natural vocabulary.
★ Understand fast native English conversations.
★ Improve your pronunciation and reduce your accent.
★ Learn more about North American culture, how to connect with people.

If you have moved to the US recently, I can help you learn the English you need to make new friends, communicate with colleagues, and adapt to the culture easily.

I have limited hours available, so book your lessons now! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me a message. I look forward to working with you!


I'm a certified English teacher from Canada with over 10 years of experience. I'm also a writer. I write articles to help students achieve their goals in English.

I've always loved traveling, so in 2012 I traveled to Europe and I lived and taught English in Italy, Spain and the Canary Islands for 5 years. I returned to Canada in 2017 and I now live in Victoria, a beautiful city in Western Canada, 2 hours away from Vancouver.

I still travel when I can. I spent 3 months in Taiwan last year. And I fell in love with the country's beautiful nature, culture and people.

When I first started teaching in 2010, I taught in classrooms. Like every other teacher, I used textbooks or lessons that I found online. Planning my classes was SO frustrating, because a lot of the books and learning websites taught a style of English that native speakers NEVER use in real life. 😑

I thought that if the lessons were boring for me to teach, of course they would be boring for my students, too!

This inspired me to design my own lessons. I looked for short, recent videos, articles and blog posts that discuss interesting topics, and designed lessons around them. My students love them! They are excited to learn, are never bored, and experience incredible progress in just a few months.

What's the secret to fluent and natural English?

REAL, authentic and interesting materials! There's no other way.

This way, you'll start to understand fast native speakers and improve your speaking quickly when you're learning naturally: using the new words and grammar to follow a real story or video, not just to learn a lot of boring rules!

You’ll also learn how to use common words and expressions that traditional language schools NEVER teach you.

Book your lessons today, and let me show you how you can finally speak English confidently and without stress!

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2001 - 2007
Carleton University - Ottawa, Canada

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2016 - 2017
English Teacher
Self Employed - Lanzarote, Spain
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English Teacher
O.P. Language Academy - Malaga, Spain
Exam Preparation
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English Teacher
Speak Easy Language Academy - Rome, Italy
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English Coach
in English with Love - Victoria, British Columbia
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2007 - 2007
United TESOL - Ottawa, Canada

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