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Seray Çörekçi

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اللغة التركية
اللغة التركية


اللغة التركية
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Changed the prices for a limited time. Let's learn Turkish!

👩‍🏫Merhaba! Certified with masters 🚀Native Speaker 🚀 s experienced🚀

I have a teaching Turkish certificate from one of the leading institutes in the field and working on my masters on Teaching Turkish.

I have been teaching Turkish for more than 10 years both online and face to face. I am a really fun teacher and we can make your learning easy together.

I produce easy-to-use materials to supplement your learning after class.

I have lived in İstanbul, Bursa and Ankara in Turkey and TRNC, so I can provide a detailed information about culture and accents.

Class routines

Chat and vocabulary 🙋🏻 🙋🏻‍♂️
We talk on given topics and learn the vocabulary mentioned. This part also includes Q&A too.

Your turn 🎬 🎤
The learner presents knowledge either prepared or unprepared. After performance (like self introduction), teacher and the student take a look at project presented, fix and improve when necessary.

School time 🏫📚
Textbook based classes, includes reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. We have a textbook for everyone.

Travel Turkish 🛫
You learn about signs, menus and customs.
You learn how to order foods and buy clothes.
You learn asking for help.

Planned/ random writing 🎲/♟📝✍🏻
We do writing ecercises in a both planned and randomized manners.
Practicing writing is the most convenient method to practice the language. We do writing exercises together or teacher fixes the writing afterwards, so students get instant feedbacks and improvements.

Business Class
We learn the basics of travel Tutkish and about Turkey.
Then we learn about Turkish formal language.
Also, we share tips about Turkish business habits.

Teacher analyses📋📊your improvement and plans each class accordingly. So, all the classes are to the point.🎯

قراءة المزيد

دروسي التجريبية

In the sample, we
get to know each other
do a level determination if necessary
see the materials
have a sample short lesson
plan our future
قراءة المزيد

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جدول مواعيد

السيرة الذاتية


Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language
Ahmet Yesevi University - Kazakhstan/Turkey
Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language Master's Degree
2013 - 2018
Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Middle East Technical University - Northern Cyprus Campus
It is a program focuses on language teaching methodology and linguistics.

briefcaseخبرة العمل

Kids and Teens English teacher and material developer
ABC SCHOOLS - Ankara/Turkey
I teach English from kindergarten to middle school in ABC Schools which is an IB school. Also, I am one of the founders of R&D office in which we design curriculum and create materials.
English School Teacher (pre-A1 and A1)
Ministry of Education - Ankara
2021 - 2022
Rauf Denktaş University - Cyprus
Foreign language instructor
2017 - 2018
Stay-at-Home Teacher
I have been a stay-at-home teacher/language coach for a sister and brother.
2015 - 2018
Online Turkish Teacher
ClassDO - Online
2018 - 2018
Private Teacher (Teens)
Vuslat Association - Girne/TRNC
2017 - 2017
English Teacher (Kids)
Bir Demet Kindergarten - İstanbul/Turkey
2016 - 2016
English Teacher (Teens)
Charity - Lefkoşa/TRNC
2016 - 2016
English Teacher (Kids)
Güzelyurt Daycare Center - Güzelyurt/TRNC
2014 - 2015
Assistant to the head of the Turkish department
Middle East Technical University - Güzelyurt/TRNC
2015 - 2015
Turkish Teacher (Adult Refugees)
Lefkoşa Municipality - Lefkoşa/TRNC
2013 - 2013
English Teacher (Kids and teens)
Community volunteers - Güzelyurt/TRNC
2022 - 0
Final International University - Kyrenia/Cyprus


2020 - 2020
Trends in Bilingual Education
Richmond - Online
This training focuses on bilingual classrooms and teaching subjects bilingually.
2020 - 2020
Differentiated Instruction
Pearson - Online
This training focuses on making classes fun and to the point for learners with different needs, skills and interests.
2019 - 2019
Introduction to Blended Learning
Cambridge - Online
This online course focuses on blended learning (online and face-to-face).
2018 - 2018
Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language
Marmara University - İstanbul/Turkey
It is a program focuses on language teaching methodology and Turkish language.

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