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Hello! 😊

Hi, I’m Beki from the UK. I’m a qualified teacher who has been educating both adults and children since 2013.

I am passionate about helping people from all over the world change their lives through English and life skills.

Learning English is one of the fundamental skills that will enable you to move into the next chapter of your life and I am so grateful to be part of your journey!

I’m a naturally bubbly and friendly person, so you’ll find it really easy to get along with me and feel comfortable in lessons to speak English.

When I’m not teaching, you’ll find me traveling the world, at wakeboarding, zumba or the gym, painting, crafting or eating lots of cheese and wine!

I have lived in 4 different countries and currently live in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I’m really looking forward to getting to know you!

✔️ I am a qualified Native teacher with 8 years experience, I have PGCE in School Teaching & 120 hour TESOL certificate plus I have a IELTS Teaching Certificate.

I’m qualified to teach the following topics to Adult English students:
✔️ IELTS Exam Preparation
✔️ Everyday English Conversation
✔️ Kids English (off platform)
✔️ 13- 17 year old Teens English
✔️ Job Interview Preparation & Resume help
✔️ Moving to the UK for Job or Studying
✔️ Custom Learning Plans

✔️ I have lots of experience teaching children aged 4 upwards both in person & online. I use Let's Go Textbooks & workbooks (for hw) and have a range of audio, singing, games, grammar, stories and much more to keep them engaged in lessons.

⚠️ If you have a child under 13 who would like to learn please message me & we can arrange off platform lessons (Verbling policy does not allow children under 13 to learn on the platform)

If you have any questions, send me a message and I look forward to teaching you soon!

⭐Come and join me on my Facebook page at ' English Teacher Beki' for lots of English tips & tricks

What is included in lessons?

💯What is included in IELTS lessons?
• Understanding the band scores & descriptors
• Understanding what the task achievement is in each exam
• Expanding vocabulary through extended reading & practice questions
• Practising speaking fluency
• Learning how to structure essay answers in a logical manner
• Practising spelling (its very important!)
• Comparing & marking model answers together
• Learning to skim & scan reading materials
• Understanding & listening to a variety of accents from around the world
• Personalised MP3 feedback based on pronunciation in that lesson
• Learning or revising grammatical devices & how to use them correctly
• Understanding & explaining graphs, pie charts, bar graphs and processes
• And of course practice exam questions every week to familiarise yourself with the exam

🗣️General English may include:

•Conversation / discussion based on daily news articles from various websites like VOA, daily news, BBC etc
•Cultural & travel discussion lessons
•Live pronunciation help
•Minimal pair pronunciation work
•Personalised MP3 recorded for you based on words your mispronunced
•Grammar teaching / revising: comparatives, superlatives, all tenses, conditionals, connectives, relative and reflexsive pronouns, prefixes & suffixes
•Idioms & phrasal verbs that Native speakers use
•Comprehension on animals, critical thinking, informational and story based comprehension
•Writing: persuasive writing, letters of complaint, writing in an active rather than passive way
•Accent reduction & help sounding like a British speaker!

🧸Kids English may include:

•Let's Go Textbooks & Workbooks for homework. Books Starter - 6
•Picture stories from
•Billy books for higher A2-B1 readers
•Phonics and Talk Time Books 1 & 2
•Kindergarden basics: greetings, numbers, body parts, family, animals, clothes, colours, shapes, days of the week, emotions, rooms in the house, weather, fruit, food, toys, transport
•Lots of songs and dances
•Interactive online & flashcard games
•Basic grammar: adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, this that those these
•Progress tests
•Use of interactive whiteboards

🙋What is a trial lesson & what does it include?

A trial lesson is a 30 minute call where we get to know each other a bit better, go over your English goals and ask any questions you have.

A trial lesson usually includes:

• Introduce ourselves, where you’re from, how long you’ve been learning English, if you are working or studying, your hobbies and what you’d like to achieve from online English lessons with me
• Talk about your English goals, do you need it for an interview, exam or perhaps for general conversation or going on holiday?
• I can show you examples of materials and techniques I use
• Suggest and discuss a learning plan

📌Rescheduling policy
If you have scheduled a lesson for a specific day and time, and you wish to change this time, you can change it up to 12 hours beforehand. If you have an urgent reason why you cannot attend the lesson after this 12 hour window, then please message me and I will decide on a situation basis.
If your child is ill please let me know asap and I will reschedule the lesson.

📌No show policy
If the student does not arrive to the lesson within 20 minutes of the starting time (waiting times: 20 minutes for 1 hour lesson, 10 minutes for 30 minute lesson, 15 minutes for 45 minute lesson) without any prior notice that they will be late to the lesson, the lesson will be counted as complete and ended after the waiting time. The lesson is not refundable and is not able to be booked again. Lateness happens sometimes of course, if you know you will be late to the lesson, please let me know and I will wait in the lesson meeting for you.

Teacher Beki : )
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2014 - 2015
Post Graduate Degree in Education (PGCE)
Manchester Metropolitan University - Manchester, UK
Focus on teaching ESL/EAL children.
2009 - 2013
Bachelor Degree
Royal Northern College Music - Manchester, UK
Focus on teaching ESL primary age children

briefcaseخبرة العمل

2016 - 2016
Secondary School Teacher
Oasis Academy - Manchester, UK
Focus on teaching Romanian / ESL children
2015 - 2015
Secondary / Primary / Early Years Teacher
Greater Manchester
Cover Teacher
2014 - 2014
Teaching Assistant (phonics & sounds with ESL/EAL children
Alma Park Primary School - Manchester UK
Aiding children for whom English was a second language.
2016 - 0
Private English Tutor
Independent English Tutor - Europe / Thailand
Teaching adults/ children online English as a second language


2020 - 2021
30 Hour IELTS Teacher Preparation Certificate
Premier TEFL - Accreditation Council for Distance Learning - UK
IELTS Preparation Course for Teachers
2019 - 2020
TESOL 120 Hour Certificate
International Open Academy
TESOL - Teaching English as A Foreign Language
2019 - 2019
Copy Writer's Brain
Udemy - Online
How to be an excellent copywriter / blogger
2019 - 2019
Writing With Flair - Copywriting
Udemy - Online
How to write excellent copy
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