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I should love to be your teacher so that your English can become confident and colourful at a sole swoop.

My name is Tom, an English teacher, having led 3000+ online lessons, 3000+ face-to-face lessons, and 200+ group lessons.

I am fully aware that learning languages, especially English, is vastly time-consuming, not to mention the infinite deal of effort that inevitably needs to be put therein. Obviously, since we humans have no USB ports through which we can absorb much information in a blink of an eye, mastering a tongue does not happen from one day to another – it is a longsome and gradual process. Even for the most talented English-learners, bettering their level from elementary to advanced takes AT LEAST a full year – if not longer –, provided that they incessantly remain determined and hard-working in the meantime. Therefore, English courses offering to perfect your English to such heights where the sky is the limit within a ridiculously short amount of time all embark with you on an IMPOSSIBLE mission. You CANNOT learn the splendours of an entire language, which has been evolving for over 1.5 millennia, in just a month or whatever the promised length be.

Under my tutorship however, unlike many of the so-called tutors who merely CONVERSE with you and nothing more, I shall actually be TEACHING you a lot. In addition, since the service provided to you constitutes one-on-one contact, each lesson, which is tailored to your individual abilities and knowledge, is focused upon your utmost satisfaction. You will see that as I am charting your progress, your weak points are going to be patched up little by little.
Please note that my aim is not at all stalling for more and more of your limited time and money but readying you with care for the obstacles of English that come up in everyday life. I am basically at your disposal for three major reasons: 1) to show you very effective ways as to how to practise – combat – English, 2) to ensure that your English-related plans come true, and 3) to dub you a champion of the English language. In the end, after you have managed to forge the crude burden of English into your own fine armour, you will be able to wield it and wander the world in its splendour on your own – without my guidance.

Before you want to entrust me with the above tasks, nevertheless, please hear me out yet. What I guarantee is BY NO MEANS that the content of our sessions will magically pop in your head while you comfortably sit back and listen to me. It is YOUR hard-working attitude that is the key to your success, because – let us admit it – without the old-fashioned blood-sweating, nothing, not even your untapped knowledge shall strengthen up!
Now that I have laid the table for you, let us have a glance upon what in particular can be found on the menu, shall we?


Private English tutoring sessions

Topmost objectives:

• Mastering British English pronunciation and intonation
• Gaining hastened fluency and bolstered self-confidence
• Useful and real-life situational exercises
• Differentiating British English from American English
• Guaranteed word-hoard enrichment to a vast extent
• Patterns and erratic tendencies in English spelling
• Painstakingly grasping grammar and tenses of English
• Assorted synonyms, their distinct shades of meaning
• Never-before-seen module-methods and exercises
• Exceedingly detailed and thorough clarifications
• At any age and level are tutorees welcome
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