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Would you like to enrich your idiomatic word-hoard?

5 years ago
If English is not your mother-tongue, then the chances are that you most likely find English idioms a bit of a head-scratcher. This is so not only because each is usually used as a figure of speech, but such phrases have to be said word for word as well.

As terrifying as they might seem to you, I myself happen to offer you detailed English lessons about such idioms, which are uniquely categorised, picturised, and the exercises are designed in a way that by the end of our lesson, they will have been imprinted on your mind willy-nilly.

Currently available topics:
- cake idioms
- cat idioms
- idioms: too much work
- money idioms
- Shakespearean idioms

Moreover, any other favoured categories can be freely requested.

I trust that my lesson-plan about idioms will be your cup of tea.