3 Things you should be doing if you are learning a new language

Learning a new language is easy right? Just show up for your lesson every week. Wrong! Learning a new language requires a lot of effort. Here are three things you really should consider doing if you are not doing anything other than attending your sessions.

  1. Read. And now go read some more. Reading is so essentially important to learning. The human brain is amazing and sometimes we can learn without even trying. By just seeing the way words are spelled and how certain phrases are used, you will get a more natural feel for the language you are learning. The trick is to find some reading material that you really enjoy. Whether it is a romance novel, a funny short story or a factual book on economics, choose something that you find interesting. If books intimidate you, choose a magazine you like (maybe you are into sports or fashion?) or even find a blog online. Read anything you can lay your hands on. It will help you remember spelling, grammar and common sayings so much easier.

  1. Watch English movies. Movies are like books that read themselves! Movies are a great way of seeing and hearing the way English (or any language) is used in everyday life, as well as in a wide variety of other contexts. It will also help a great deal with your pronunciation. People have different dialects and ways of emphasizing different parts of words. Most of the time, native speakers don't talk the way you learn in textbooks. They use slang and abbreviations and movies are excellent examples. If you think your English is not good enough for you to understand the movie, you can cheat a little by turning on the subtitles!

  1. Speak. A lot. If you want to become well spoken in a language, you need to use it almost every day. Learn how to organize your thoughts in English and express yourself clearly. If there are specific words you want to use but don't know the English, look it up! It's as easy as picking up your cell phone. Find a friend who also knows English, or book regular sessions with a tutor. Get as much practice as you can!

Of course, there are many more ways to improve your skills when learning a new language, but if you start with these, you are off to a great start. And if you are looking for any recommendations on books, movies or would like a new practice buddy, drop me a message!
April 28, 2017