5 Things Teachers are Really Thinking During Class

Worried about what your teacher really thinks about you? Don’t be! Here's what's really going through their head.

1. Don't apologize!

You don’t need to apologize for your writing, reading, pronunciation, listening, or speaking level. Take a deep breath and think positively; don’t forget, I am also studying a new language and make the same mistakes with my own teacher. Be proud of your amazing self; I know I am!

2. Your accent is great

I think your accent is adorable, and I wish you believed me when I complimented you in class. We are all working to improve our accents and speak like a native speaker, and with time your speech will naturally improve.

3. You are improving

You are improving, even if at times you may become frustrated with your progress. Learning a language takes time, and everyone fluctuates with their understanding and speaking of a new language. I promise that you are improving, so don’t quit. Be patient with yourself.

4. I am curious about your interests

I am curious about what you find interesting and exciting. You will learn and retain more if the class topic is interesting to you. Seek out classes that excite you, not lessons that put you to sleep. Give feedback about what you like and don’t like about our classes, this helps me provide the best lessons for you.

5. I want your ideas

If something is too hard or too easy, or if you want an emphasis on more speaking, more writing, more listening, more music, more chocolate, less vegetables – please tell me. I love new ideas – especially your new ideas.



About the author:

Denette Kenison is a language loving, globetrotting, and curious lass. She is currently learning Brazilian Portuguese, and how to be one of the cool kids who tells clever jokes. She Loves Macaw parrots.

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