7 Fun Phrasal Verbs to Kick Off With

Don't you just love Phrasal Verbs.....
To improve your fluency & your understanding of native English speakers you need to have a good collection of Phrasal Verbs ready to use when you're listening and when you're speaking.
You may have noticed that when you speak to non native English speakers you can understand them much better, but when you speak to a native English speaker you quickly begin to feel lost. Ok... native English speakers tend to speak quicker, have regional accents but more than anything else it's their use of Phrasal Verbs
Here are 7 of some of my all time favourites.

1 Pop into: To go somewhere briefly.
I'm just going to pop into the bank, I won't be long.
Do you fancy popping into the pub on our way home from the office.
2 Pop over: To go to a person's home for a short period of time
If you're in my city (London) why don't you pop over to see us.
I'll pop over and give you that book we talked about.
3 Bump into: When you unexpectedly meet somebody.
I was doing the shopping when I bumped into your mother.
Last week I was hiking in the mountains when I bumped into an old school friend of mine that I hadn't seen for years.
4 Come across: When you find something you are not looking for.
While we were in Berlin we came across this lovely restaurant that was fantastic, it was such a lovely surprise.
I came across some old photos of my parents when I cleaned the attic out last weekend.
5 Put off: Postpone something for a later date.
I can't get to the meeting in time so I think it's better to put it off until next Wednesday.
I'm afraid your teacher is ill so we'll have to put off the exam till next week.
6 Turn down: To reject or refuse something
After the job interview I was offered the job straight away, but when they told me how bad the money was I turned the job down.
The flat we saw was really great but we turned it down as it was too far from the city centre.
7 Give up: To stop doing something
It was the best thing I ever did when I gave up smoking, now we have a lot more money and I'm a lot healthier.

Don't give up learning English, it may be difficult at times but English is such an important language.
By the way Kick Off means to begin something like a meeting or a Rugby match etc
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