7 Ways to Get More English into Your Busy Life

7 Ways to Get More English into Your Busy Life

The demands of modern society continue to grow, and your free time seems to be dwindling. Learning a language can be difficult when you don’t have a lot of time but there is always a way! Learning and practicing doesn’t have to involve a textbook and a class. It can be fun and incorporated into your day to day, busy life! So, for all those ‘busy bees’ out there, here are some things you can do to get more English in your life.

1. Change your phone language to English
How many times do you use your phone in a day? Scrolling through social media, checking emails, or googling something – it’s an extension of our body. Switching your phone’s language to English will give you constant exposure and practice. Have you switched it yet?

2. Listen to a Podcast on your way to work or school
Some of us have long commutes or dogs (or cats...?!) to walk every day; so why not listen to a podcast while you do it? This is an excellent way to enhance your listening abilities. It will make you focus on the words and you won’t rely on lip-reading or gestures. This will help with those pesky phone calls and boost your confidence.

3. Take a free English tour in your city
All over the world there are places tourists flock to and you can use this to your advantage. Pretend you’re a tourist and take a free English tour! Maybe you can even chat with some fellow humans and who knows, perhaps you’ll learn something about your city!

4. Watch a movie in English but with a spin
This is probably one of the easiest things you can do. Sit back, relax and get your notebook out. While you’re watching, jot down some phrases, words or expressions so you can look them up later. This is good as it will give you quadruple the exposure (1. hearing it 2. writing it 3. looking it up 4. writing/drawing the meaning to remember it). So, what's on?

5. Choose three words to use per day
The key to expanding your vocabulary is using what you’ve been learning. Choose at least 3 phrases or words and use them! Try to work them into your lesson for the day, or a text message or in a conversation. Which ones will you choose for today?

6. Sing in the shower
Speaking out loud or singing along to your favourite music will help build the muscle memory necessary to pronounce words correctly. It’s all about repetition so sing away!

7. Go to a hostel or touristy area in your city and meet others
Most places around the world have tourists. Use this to your advantage. Go have a coffee or walk around and meet new people! Hostels and touristy areas will almost always have English speakers and remember- when people are on holiday, they’re usually more relaxed and approachable. So, get out there and get talkin’!

There you have it. No excuses now. You’re busy but there is always a way. Get practicing!
November 5, 2019