Addicted to Language Learning

I believe I managed to turn one of my passions into an addiction.

Language learning has been always a part of my life, but I have some symptoms that show that it has got out of hand.

Free Time

My free time has basically become study sessions of Swedish, modern greek or Romanian. I usually go to cafés so that I avoid being home sleeping on my bed or being on Facebook 99% of the time. I do not have time for anything else, but of course I go to the cinema sometimes to watch some european movies and I meet people of different countries to keep up my level!


When it comes to books, I have to be careful to walk in a bookstore, who knows, they might sell a Finnish grammar or a Swedish novel. I have come to the point that I avoid these shops most of the time, not to fall into temptation.


I am Italian living in Reykjavik, Iceland. Yes, it is an island and Italians alway miss home like crazy, but not me. I love living abroad and Icelandic it is way exotic to me.
Here is an effective explanation:

Il luogo ideale per me è quello in cui è più naturale vivere da straniero.

[the ideal place for me is the one where it is more natural to live as a foreigner.]

Italo Calvino. Eremita a Parigi. Pagine autobiografiche


My idea of holidays are language schools. I have been spending all my money and time off work to do courses of Russian in Saint Petersburg, I have been in Granada, Spain in a very hot summer, in Cambridge, England just in the end of high school.

My next travel plan is Romania, I want to go to Sibiu and study Romanian so bad! It will happen sooner or later :) Transylvania I am coming!

I am looking for some help to get again control over my life, but meanwhile keep studying because it feels sooo good!!


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