Constructive criticism: help your teacher to help you!

Giving feedback is one of the most valuable parts of the learning process. As you learn and grow, your teacher also keeps on learning about certain techniques that work, how to motivate students better and how students at different levels should be corrected. All of these aspects make us better teachers, which will ultimately make you better learners and therefore speakers.

However, we can't do this without you, the students. We need to know what you think about our approach to your lessons, or if something frustrates you. Here are some ways to give constructive criticism:

  1. Decide whether you want to be corrected immediately if and when you make mistakes throughout the lesson, or rather have your teacher take note of your mistakes and discuss them all with you after the lesson.

  1. Identify your weak points (ask your teacher to help you with this if you are unsure) and let your teacher know what specific areas you want to focus on. This way, you can work systematically and discuss certain aspects in depth.

  1. Have the confidence to speak up. Always let your teacher know if something is bothering you (if he/she is talking too fast, for example), if you struggle to keep up with the pace or if you feel that you are not improving. Remember, we are here to guide you on your journey and help you reach your desired level.

  1. Be nice- we are trying our best to help you learn and develop! Refrain from insults, rather try to suggest alternative methods in a friendly manner and explain your reasons for your requests.

I hope you will use these tips when discussing your progress with your teacher and that you will see some good results. Happy learning everybody!
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