Email etiquette: Master the art of the simple email

Writing an email in a secondary language can be daunting, but it does not have to be. Here are some simple instructions to follow when sending an email to a native English speaker.

Dear Sir, Hi there, To whom it may concern.
These are all appropriate for greeting the reader.

Thank you for your previous email
If you have received an email previously from the sender, politely thank them.

I would like to discuss... What is the update on... I am having an issue with the following...
Introduction: Begin your opening statement.

It is clear that... Can you send the following details... I have received the documents
Middle: Talk about the details

In conclusion, the following is confirmed... as we move forward...

Conclusion: Wrap up and conclude the ideas

Best wishes, Kind regards, Many thanks, Sincerely, NAME.

End: End the email off with an end off note, followed by your name.
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