How listening to music can help you learning a language.

There is something you can do to learn a language while dancing in your room or singing your heart out on your way to work… listening to some good (or not that good, doesn’t matter) songs in the language you want to master!

Yes! That’s how I improved my English and I know you can too with any language you want.
So here is how and why you will improve learning a language through music.

  • Find a catchy rhythm you like: I’m pretty sure you’ve had a song stuck in your head before and sometimes you didn’t even like the lyrics but the melody was so catchy that you kept singing it until someone would kindly ask you stop. Try to find a rhythm you enjoy before you even understand the lyrics so it stays in your head for a long time.

  • Understanding is everything: Get the translation in your language and read the original version in the language you’re learning, that way every time you’re singing along you actually know what you’re saying.

  • Learn the lyrics by heart: I’m not gonna lie, I used to read, sing along and memorize every single word of a Backstreet Boys song until I knew it by heart. Today, I still know the lyrics and the meaning of the songs. This can be used as a memory technique for learning new vocabulary, phrases or even slang.

  • The “How I learned Spanish” Soundtrack: Spend enough time on this and make a playlist with all the songs you like and keep adding songs to it so you can sing, dance and learn anytime, anywhere or regardless your mood.
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