How to improve your English in just a few weeks…

All you struggling English learners out there all over the world…have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to speak English fluently and without an accent?
What would you have to do to fix the problem…?
I’m here to tell you one thing you already know – it’s not easy…and one thing you probably don’t know…it can be done in seven simple stages.

If you follow these simple instructions, you can literally feel the difference within the first month…and you will get better and better every time you do it!

1. The first thing you have to do is believe that it is possible. It sound corny, but if you don’t believe in yourself or in the method, your brain – or your ego – will start looking for excuses…”Oh! It’s too hard…I haven’t got time.” etc.
Don’t let negativity win. Be positive! You can do it!

2.The second thing is to stick with the program. It’s not enough to do this a couple of times a week…or give up after a month. It’s like body-building: You have to challenge yourself every day! Increase the level every month. Test yourself regularly. It’s a work-out for the mind!

3. The third thing is to vary the activities. Don’t just do one thing. Gapfills are okay for testing what you have just learnt  – but useless if you don’t know it and pointless if you do! It’s like anything you learn; once you’ve got it, you’ve got it!

4. The fourth thing is to repeat stuff. You can’t get everything the first time. Especially in a foreign language. If it’s a new word or an unknown grammar concept, you have to hear a ton of examples before you really get the idea…! Then you have to try it out, over and over.

5. It’s so important to practice what you have learnt.  That’s the fifth thing. Go out into the world and see how people are using that language. How can you use it in real life…? If you are not sure, go back and revise it again!

6. The sixth thing is to gain experience. That means you become so familiar with the new word or phrase that you know all it’s meanings and connotations. You get everything from the tone and the context.

7. The seventh and final thing is to master the intonation. This means that you use the words in the right way to get across any meaning you want – at just the right communicative level of impact. And then you are really a native-level speaker. Congratulations!

“How can I do all this” I hear you ask…
Just remember the formula:
Focus X Time = Success!

Believe in yourself – stick with the program – vary the activities – repeat – practice – use – until you master the language at every stage!
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