How To Stay Motivated Learning A Language - Tips !

Summer is here and as we enjoy the sun and the pool we feel a little less motivated. Let’s re-motivate ourselves and find out how to stay motivated learning a language…

Remember why you started.

What made you start learning in the first place? Friendship? Love? Family? Self-improvement? Travel? Work? The reasons for learning a language are varied and often personal. Remember your reason. Use it to motivate you to keep going, keep learning and keep improving.

E-mail yourself.

Once you’ve reminded yourself why, use a site like FutureMe to send yourself an e-mail at some point in the future with these reasons on it. You never know, you could make your day on 12th June or the 27th August!

Record yourself speaking your language.

Right now. Do it. Go. No books, no rehearsal. You don’t have to put it on YouTube or show it to anybody. Keep it tucked away on a hard drive and make a note in your diary to check it in 6 months time. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ve improved. If you’re really brave, you could even attach it to that e-mail you’re going to send.

Be inspired by others.

The online language learning community is growing. So many people are uploading amazing and inspiring videos of themselves speaking multiply languages. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a polyglot (that’s someone who can speak many languages!) then Richard Simcott, Tim Doner are a great place to start for some inspiration.

Make a vision board.

Make your space inspiring. Pick up a cork board from a charity shop or a pound shop and cover it with images, words, photos…anything that is linked to your goal and inspires you to get there. Now put that vision board somewhere you will see it everyday. Tah-dah! 🎉 Instant inspiration.

Find something you enjoy in the language.

What do you do in your spare time? Film addict? Try to get you watching films in your target language.
Maybe you love music? Check out this playlist on spotify

I hope these tips will help you to keep motivated ! Have a great multilingual summer ! 🙌
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