Introducing Verbling Enterprise

Jake Jolis, Cofounder & CEO

We believe that better communication leads to better collaboration, especially on an international scale. That's why we've created and are thrilled to announce the launch of Verbling Enterprise, a solution that facilitates the setup of foreign language training for your organization.

Software collaboration tools have transformed the way that companies are able to make teamwork possible -- even enjoyable. Box allows us to share work files. Jira lets us stay on the same page about who’s supposed to be doing what. With Slack, we can chat and send funny gifs to brighten the workday. A lot of communications problems are solved. But, the challenges have shifted.

We believe that the largest limitation to any company with international ambitions is no longer technological. It’s human. Companies that want to successfully strengthen their international business aren’t limited by how equipped their computers are, but rather by how equipped their people are.

Technology, of course, has a role to play in this shift, but we believe that role should be to empower those people, not replace them. We’ve built our entire company around the premise that humans are better at teaching people than software is, particularly when it comes to learning a foreign language.

With this principle as our guiding star, we started by building the most effective language learning product for serious, dedicated individuals. We invested heavily in one thing: better teachers. Our team thoroughly reviews each applicant's video teaching sample and qualifications, and uses student feedback to continuously evaluate the Verbling teacher base. Over time, this process has earned us trust in the market. One million users’ trust, to be exact. We ask every single learner to rate their teacher, and the average teacher rating has grown to 4.9 out of 5 today.

We are proud to bring the power and expertise of our language teachers to your business. Thanks, Verbling teachers. Welcome, Enterprises.

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