Let’s Party? It’s Carnival in Brazil! Find out more about this exciting party.

A considerable part of Brazil's name in the world is related to natural beauties, sports, local traditions and celebrations such as beaches, soccer, capoeira and Carnival. When we talk about Brazilian’s festivals, the most-known probably is Carnival, a rich party celebrated all over the country and linked to beginning of Lent in the Christian calendar.

Carnival usually takes around 5 days, from Friday to Ash Wednesday itself, when parties and celebrations can be seen in many different cities and ways. It began in the 1830s as part of a Portuguese tradition, influenced by Portuguese colonization, as a movement related to the beginning of Lent. During the 1800s, street artists, inspired by music and dance, dressed in themed costumes and with a tradition of electing a “king” for their party, were introduced in Rio de Janeiro as a celebration called as Carnival.
The most famous carnival is held in Rio de Janeiro, plenty of tourists from different parts of Brazil and the world, in a 5-days’ festivity where lots of samba schools and local block parades take the streets in a mix of different and beautiful colors and sounds, dancing, singing, eating and drinking… celebrating! This party is a result of months of preparation and brings many different types of people together. Wherever you are in Brazil you will find a different kind of Carnival, in the southeast and northeast regions, Rio, Sao Paulo, Bahia, Pernambuco, each one surrounded by its own characteristics, cultures and musics.

Sao Paulo doesn't have the name of a Carnival destination in the first place, like Rio, but this big metropolis has its own party, in a beautiful and colorful celebration spread in the main avenues, with different block parades and at Sambodromo, a 6 km avenue destined exclusively for Carnival and other events. Many indoor parties are also organized in Sao Paulo, like bars and nightclubs, where people dress their costumes and go out for party.

In the northeast region of the country you can find a traditional celebration, plenty of music and rich culture. Happening simultaneously in different capitals, it features many diversed rhythms and has performances of different music groups. The most traditional presentations are the “trio elétrico” parades, and Afro blocks presentations. Trios Eletrico feature trucks equipped with speakers and a platform for musicians to play local music. In states like Pernambuco we can also see local styles of music, such as Frevo music, which is predominant throughout the state's parades and celebrations.

Carnival, wherever you are in Brazil, is a celebration rich in culture and tradition. If you are interested in culture, music, dance, and sharing happiness with millions of people in some joy and colorful days, Brazil’s carnival is for you. But, if you are not a very big fan of Carnival, the country also offers you a variety of natural beauties and things to do that will certainly entertain you.
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