Life Gets Complicated

It has been an interesting week or two that has passed. As corona becomes a reality to all of us we realise how comfortable life was before, how quickly everything can change and how fragile life can be.

In our attempt to learn Spanish and become more tech-wise we have been distracted by life and the basic comforts we have become so accustomed to. Being an outdoor kind of person has become hard work. No longer can I just grab my camera and head out the door, Now I have a checklist and a curfew to keep in mind, this messes with my mind and my well being. Certain aspects of life I enjoy as simplistic as possible, uncomplicated and smooth.

On the upside, I have had lots of time to explore google and the wonderful tools for learning it has. Going online and teaching a class has become so easy that we no longer even have to see eachother, it is as easy as sharing a link with all the assignments, docs, slides, everything.

As for Spanish learning, as a group, we are progressing really slow due to everyone being distracted, but, things are going well, the basics are becoming a bit easier. it isn't good enough yet for me to want to show off with the sentences I know, but I can understand a couple of words when someone uses them. The language is surprisingly similar to English, something like a third of Spanish is similar to English, this will definitely come in handy when we get good at the language.

During this time of earths history, be mindful and don't allow yourself to get distracted. We have been given time, use this time for your education and the bettering of your life.

Learning is the key to your future, be sure to enjoy it.

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