Mexican Tradition: Día de los Reyes Magos

In Mexico we have the tradition of "Los Reyes Magos". When Jesus was born, three kings when to his place guided by a star, each one bringing gifts: Gold, myhrr and incense.

In Mexico, this celebration might be bigger than Christmas when talking about the gifts. So, the children write a letter to the kings, asking for gifts (usually toys). They leave the letter in the Christmas tree and put a shoe in the bottom of it on 5th January. During the night, the kings will come secretly to put the gifts they were asked for. At the next day, all the children have the gifts "magically" delivered. This tradition is more focused on children until they are around 11 years old and figure out that those kings were all time their parents.

While children enjoy their gifts. All bakerys make "Rosca de reyes", and family gather this day or people at the companies, to cut the bread. "La rosca" is a kind of sweet cake and ring- shaped bread decorated with slices of crystallized or candied fruit colors. Each fruit and figure has a meaning. Inside of the bread, there are small plastic pieces with the shape of a baby hidden. This represents when Maria and Joseph hid Jesus not to be found.

The tradition consists in, each person has to cut a slice of the bread but if you get a small plastic baby, you must bring "tamales" by the 2nd of February, known as "el día de la Candelaria". So, you just have to be careful if do not want to pay for lots of tamales.

This tradition is beautiful and also delicious and this is the official day when the Christmas parties end up.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Written by Dennisse Alvarez - Mexico
January 5, 2018
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