My time volunteering

Spending the last 3 years volunteering has been such a life altering experience. Of course the question is what led me to volunteering? The effects it had on my life. Then of course how could you help? Volunteering is such an amazing thing one can do and it doesn't even ask for much at all.

While I was teaching on here back in 2016, I was approached by a local missionary group with an idea. The idea was to bring tutoring to areas that otherwise would not have access to any help at all. You see even though English is being taught in schools, in the rural areas it is being taught by someone who does not even know English themselves. Upon looking further into I decided to try it with a group of others; then after some personal time off for health reasons, I decided to dive full into volunteering.

It was strange that to do so I did not even have to go that far from where I live now. Literally just had to go further into the mountains, where even landline phones are not available, it English terms it is a "dead zone". While my children were in school I too went to school, or rather the community center that was being used; the students ages 4 to 16 were all so eager. They thanked me everyday, but in truth I have them to thank. They should me why I wanted to teach in the first place and helped mold me into an even better me.

Volunteering is taught to us as children in the United States, to even get a leg up in the application process of college one must have some worthy volunteer hours. However as you grow life becomes busy an maybe your time turns into donations which is also amazing. The concept of giving up ones time becomes challenging, then of coarse what could you do? Myself? I used a skill to help benefit others, you to have a skill that I know someone would love to learn. Look into local community centers that is always a great place to start. Although thanks to the church, I will no longer be needed in that area for they made it no longer a dead zone. I myself am still volunteering, however I am also back on here. Vowing to keep my prices affordable to be able to reach as many people as possible while providing for my family. So I leave you with a thought, in these trouble times how can you help?

January 16, 2019
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Domingo Infante
August 5, 2020
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Valerie elise ESPINASSE Usage Choubey
August 5, 2020