Preparations for business meetings

Greeting: 1- Goodmorning my name is _______________.
What is your name?__________
Hello how are you?___________
smalltalk: Im a representative from ____________ company.
what company do you work for?
Great or very good!
Business Terms:1. Ballpark figure: rough estimate or calculation
2. Guerrilla Marketing is an advertising method that focuses on low-cost
unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results.
3.Marketing: It is the business process of creating relationships with and
satisfying customers.
How?- The method or means by which something would be accomplished.
When?- the time period
What ?- asking for information or specifying.
Where?- location
Deadline- latest time or date for completion of a project

Roleplay: you enter for a meeting and meet someone from another company how do you introduce and engage in small talk before the meeting commence.
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