Prepositions related to transportation

English prepositions are a nightmare for English learners.
What is a preposition?
If you break the word down into two, "Pre" means "before", and "position" means "place" - so you would place it before another word, like a noun or a noun phrase, for example. There are two kinds of prepositions: one-word, or simple prepositions, and complex prepositions (containing two or more words).

When referring to means of transport, you’ll use the prepositions “In” and “On”. Here you can find a chart with everything organized according to its preposition.
  • Car
  • Taxi / Cab
  • Truck
  • RV / Motor home / Caravan
  • Boat
  • Bus
  • Bike / Bicycle
  • Plane / Airplane / Aeroplane
  • Train
  • Motorcycle
  • Scooter
  • Subway / Metro
  • Tram
*As you can see, the majority of these use the preposition “On”. Why is that?
Can I stand up while using it? If you can, then you’re “on” it, but there are some exceptions:

- RV / Motor home / Camper uses the preposition “in” although you can stand up inside.
- Motorcycles and bicycles, although you are normally sitting down, we use the preposition "on".
February 11, 2020