Recommendations on learning Russian language

You have to live through Russian.
  1. Think of moving to the country. Even if it’s a drastic change in your life you need to consider it. Eventually, living in Russia should be your goal.
Ways to move to Russia:
  • Apply to study at major Russian universities which offer Russian programs.
  • Enroll into Russian language schools for 3-6 months language learning programs.
  • Make a good connection with a native Russian who lives in Russia and who will host you in his family. It’s the most challenging and the most complicated thing to do if you are living out of Russia but free language exchange websites, forums and skype lessons can lead you to a long-lasting and trustworthy communication.

  1. Learning Russian should be a part of your day. Every morning you need to turn on the Russian radio channels. They are available online.
Invest some money into signing up for Russian TV channels. Do not think about how much time you spent watching and listening to Russian but rather choose the programs of your interests.
  • history of Russia
  • comedies
  • news
  • debates
There should be a category that is appealing to you.

  1. Find a Russian speaking person on Craigslist. In every city, there will be Russian people who are willing to communicate twice a week for a conversation. It can be a free language exchange or you can pay money.

  1. Download audio files from the most recognizable and professional course books. "Golosa", "Troika", "V puti"
Get the textbooks, start studying the words, read the grammar and do exercises. Watch TV series such as Univer a comedy TV series about students life at the Russian university. It’s filled with conversational real Russian speech between young people. Attention! Youth slang, students topics. Not for a thought-provoking conversations in Russian.

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