Sound Fluent in English Today: Learning the Most Common Phrasal Verbs

To become fluent in English, you must master phrasal verbs.

Here is a quick list of some common phrasal verbs you must know:


Take apart: To separate or disconnect the parts of an idea or object.

Or simply put: To disassemble something.

You can take apart:
Objects like cellphones, toys, beds, tables, chairs, etc.
Ideas such as a blog, news article, someone's opinion on something, political view etc.


Eat up: To feel bad because of something

If something is eating you up, that means something is really bothering you.

If your friend just finished school or work and they seem upset, you can say 

"What's eating you up?" 
Which is the same as asking:
"What's wrong?" or "What's bothering you?"


Deal with : To find a solution to a problem.
That solution could be related to customers, people who you disagree with, problems at work, school etc.
If you deal with something, you are helping to make the situation better, you are trying to find a solution.


Back down: to withdraw, to stop
If you back down from a situation it means you are stopping, and withdrawing from the situation.
If you were arguing with James and it was clear that you were wrong in the discussion, you could back down.
Meaning, you would stop arguing with him, you would withdraw because you were wrong.

My English Lessons focus on teaching the most common phrasal verbs. You will sound more natural and be able to have conversations more naturally in English.

If you'd like to practice speaking, I'd be happy to help you develop a study plan.  Feel free to look at my teaching profile and class offerings and send me a message if you think I can help you.

Book a FREE trial lesson on phrasal verbs here or on my profile:

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