Talking about life experience with the present perfect tense

Have you ever heard of the present perfect?

If you said 'Yes, I have!' you are using the present perfect. The question is written in the present perfect tense!

We use this tense to talk about things we have done in our lives but we don't say when. For example:
  • I have been to India.
  • have eaten sushi.
  • I haven't flown in a helicopter.
  • Have you ever been to a pool party?
  • I've never seen Game of Thrones.
We form the present perfect using have (not) + past participle. The past participle is the third form (inflection) of the verb. For example: see, saw, seen.

You can find a list of irregular verbs here - you just have to learn them!
For activities or games to practice the present perfect, click here (kids) or here (adults).

There are other uses of the present perfect, such as for 'unfinished past'. If you would like to learn more about the present perfect and other grammar points, book a trial lesson with me!

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