The Word I can never Pronounce...

To the every day speaker, a language is an identity. I speak therefore I am (Rene Descartes). A Language is used to define who we are and where we place ourselves among society. For those willing to take the step of going beyond just their culture, identifying themselves with another language, there is always the stumbling in the form of Pronunciation; Be it Asians and the R or L, Spanish and the E or African and their deep inaudible enunciation, to say but a few. The problem is this:- How do you solve it?

Below are a few tips that jumpstart you on your journey...

1. Realize the mistake... pronunciation in your native tongue are different from most languages. Help is needed from someone proficient enough to boldly correct you and make you understand.
2. Let go of the mistake... steadily but eventually, sooner or later you have to factor in the improvised saying... with multiple languages come multiple mindsets. A language is more than words, its part of its home culture.
3. Time will tell... Rome wasn't built in a day, and the earth was formed in one either. It will not disappear overnight. it will not go unless with consistent practice.
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