Tips for when you start learning a language

If you are reading this, then you are either searching to learn a new language or you have begun the quest. The journey of learning a new language can be very fun but at the same time could be very stressful and difficult if you do not have not a clear idea of your purpose for learning it.

Frustration, the fear to make mistakes, and the impossible sensation of being embarrassed in front of other people could very easily end the journey before you reach the desired goal. We bring you here some tips to keep in mind so that you can overcome many of these difficulties.


Often we start to do new things without knowing really the reason we are getting into it. Any reason is valid as long as it's yours and you are not making the classic mistake of doing it only for someone else. Having a clear idea will help to keep you motivated and focused. It could be to find new friends, or love, or to advance your career, or for mere survival because you have just moved into a foreign country. Also find the fun aspects of it. Learn new vocabulary in context, be curious about idioms or sayings that will help you better immerse yourself into the culture, and ignore those few that may mock your efforts to do something different and brave!


Not all of us have the same ability with languages. The first thing to avoid is to compare yourself with other people because, if you find someone who is progressing faster, it may demotivate you and ultimately make you drop out of the process. Do not expect to be fluent in 6 months (which is a very debatable subject because experts assert that there are many levels and types of fluency). Be patient with yourself. Setting goals that are realistic will help you achieve them and will give you a push to keep going.


There is no reason why the process of learning a language cannot be aided by the use of technology. Now more than ever we have access to a vast source of learning. You can use streaming platforms such Netflix to start watching programs in the language you are learning, or a music streaming service to listen to specific playlists. Some experts recommend that you turn on the subtitles in said language because this will help you improve your grammar and also to start associating sounds with words...yes like a child; that’s what we basically are when learning a new language, we are starting from zero once more. You could also use a web-based learning program; the best ones are the one that connect you with native teachers such as Verbling, who can accurately teach many things about their language and culture. Choose one that is flexible and can adjust to your schedule.

Learning a language is a very fun experience and can open many doors for you. Whether your objectives are personal or professional, you will experience the benefits almost immediately. So go on and give the start of your journey that extra push!

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