Tongue Twisters

In every language, a time comes when your teacher writes down a couple of words on the board which start with the same letter and probably have the same sounds. Then you spend the whole period laughing at your peers as they try time after time to pronounce the words as fast as possible. Well if you have never that experience, trust me... as a student or a teacher, it will come knocking soon. What are tongue twisters and why are they so important in pronunciation exercises?

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines a Tongue Twisters as a... word, phrase, or sentence difficult to articulate because of a succession of similar consonantal sounds. In other words they are meant to be hard and difficult, native or non native. But they do have their importance... The little part we call enunciation (Pronunciation of Words). This is a big deal for everyone learning a language because its the different between knowing the words and speaking them. It's like having a PhD (Dr.) and actually being a Medical Doctor. Knowledge versus actual usage. The point that I am trying to pass across is that Pronunciation of words is vital in comprehensive speech. and Tongue twisters are one of the major players. here are some tips on how to use Tongue twisters.

1. Start with the simplest ones... don't rush it. The easier it is, the faster you assimilate, the quicker you build a foundation and move on.
2. Increase your speed, but pay attention to how to pronounce the words.
3. Challenge your friends to a duel from time to time, iron sharpens iron... use that principle to always improve yourself.
4. Don't overdo it... Tongue twisters are stressful on the tongue (hence the name), relax from time to time.
Most importantly, enjoy these exercises...which you can get by searching any search engine in the world. Good luck!!!
June 20, 2018
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