Vegan Cream Pasta~ ft.현미국수 Brown rice noodle

Hi~ Everyone!
I am Bongja from Korea.
Today, I am going to share my vegan cream pasta~
ft.현미국수 [hyunmi gookssu]
현미[hyunmi] is brown rice
국수[gookssu] is noodle. 

This is what I get at Korean market.

It says "무농약 현미 98%".
무농약 [mu-nong-yak] means pesticide-free :)

And the rest of 2% is salt.

I think cooking brown rice noodle takes more time than flour noodle.
And the water becomes very thickened. 

I put a lot of vegetables.
Onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and minced garlic

When I cook a lot of vegetables
I am really happy.
Because you never get this amount of vegetable
when you go to restaurant for pasta~😆

And I put almond milk
and soy sauce (because I don't have salt at the moment😂)

And Da-da~
last, added some black pepper powder.
I cook as simple as I can 
and with the least ingrediant. :)

Enjoy your day and cooking,
and learning Korean and everything~
And have a wonderful day~🌸🌸🌈🌈🌈🌈

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