Verbling Video & Workspace

Mikael Bernstein, Cofounder & Chief of Product

This month, we are proud to announce an entirely new suite of innovative tools to the Verbling language learning platform. Thanks to the efforts of our amazing team, and to the invaluable feedback we've received from within the Verbling community, we have crafted a completely new and improved core product experience from the bottom up.

Verbling Video - A better way to communicate

First, we'd like to introduce Verbling Video, a brand new Audio/Video system, designed specifically for language learning. Our goal has always been to provide the easiest, most intuitive and most user-friendly experience to students and teachers for their 1-1 private lessons. By removing the reliance on third-party video applications, connecting and communicating is now easier, smoother, and more rewarding than ever before. If you aren't already, we strongly recommend using 'Chrome' or ‘Firefox’ as your default browser to take full advantage of Verbling Video. Simply start your lesson, and enjoy.

Workspace - Everything in one place

Secondly, we're happy to unveil Workspace, a collaborative hub where all of your learning materials - including files, homework assignments, lessons plans and more - are accessible in one central place. You can use this page to work on documents not only during your lessons with your teacher, but also on your free time. Your resources are automatically organized for you, providing a convenient structure for your learning path.

We hope you enjoy our new improvements, and as always, we look forward to hearing your thoughts, impressions and feedback to help us further improve Verbling.

See these features in action:

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