What Is Your Learning Style For Spanish?

Once you have committed to start a new language you may feel overwhelm on how to start this process. Listening to movies with subtitles? Reading small articles?

Knowing your learning style should be one of the first things to do when you decide to start learning a second language. You may be visual, which means you observe the world by images, what you read, what you see. For instance your learning should be focus on visual tools such as board games, stories, flashcards, mental maps etc.

Auditory is the second style, some people hear the world, they probably don’t need to look at you to hear what you are saying. Auditory learners should take advantage of resources such as listening to movies in Spanish, playing songs, videos of native speakers.

The third learning style is kinesthetic you absorb the world by feelings and emotions. In a way you learn by what things make you feel, for instance you can benefit from interaction with native speakers, reading about a new Spanish speaking country.
Commonly we have a primarily learning style but we still use the other two as second learning style. A tutor or teacher should have in mind about this when creating a lesson for you, this will make your learning experience fast and fun, because is the natural way that you learn.

Happy learning!


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