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10 Immersion Tips for English

6 years ago
Learning English takes time, but one can learn more quickly with increased immersion. Practicing these language acquisition habits will help!

1. Train your ear by getting into the habit of watching and listening to television in English for at least 30 minutes per day.

2. Watch additional TV in English by using Closed Captions.

This will display the English text across the screen. You can do this also with many YouTube.com videos (press CC).

3. Get in the habit of translating one English news article per day.

Go to CNN.com, and find a news article. Copy it and then paste it into Google Translate. Translate it into your language. Read the translation in your language. It won’t be a perfect translation, but it will be good enough for you to understand most of it. Then read it in English. There is an audio function in Google Translate. So, read it while listening to the audio. Keep reading the article over and over until you can read it out loud along with the audio. Do this daily.

4. To help build your writing skills, practice typing articles out.

If it is a large article, then just choose a small part of it. Type it out at least three times. As time goes on, increase the amount of text that you are typing.

5. Read your organization’s English materials.

Many times at school or work, English documents are translated into another language. In the United States many English documents are translated into Spanish. In other countries many documents are printed in the main language and also in English. This is quite common since English is now used all over the world especially in International commerce. Take advantage of these translated documents. Get in the habit of reading them both in your main language and then also in English.

6. Direction manuals for products are written quite often in many languages.

Get in the habit of reading the directions in your language and also in English.

7. When you have time to watch a movie, watch an American one in English with subtitles in your language.

8. Try watching a movie in your language with English subtitles displayed.

Read the English subtitles while watching the movie.

9. When you are driving, get in the habit of listening to English radio, ESL CDs, or an English audio version of a book that you have already read in your language.

10. Listen to and sing along with songs in English.

Many songs in English are translated into other languages. YouTube.com is a great place to find translated songs. Read the translation in your language, and then listen to it in English. Try to sing along in English.

I hope these tips help! If you would like to practice your speaking and reading more, please sign up for a trial lesson. Good luck and happy learning!