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2018 The Year I Went Almost Completely Online

5 years ago
How many teachers here had 2018 as the year they stepped away from the daily grind and into the daily webcam?

I had been teaching students by distance since perhaps 2010 and it was always a hope of mine since perhaps 2015 to have the majority of my income come from location independent work. Life is unpredictable and when you have family spread out across many continents and call two countries home it pays to be able to pick up and go without worrying that you'll be neglecting your students' progress.

Well, it required a push to get my out of so much face-to-face work to focus on building my online student base to new levels. A few personal events caused me to realise the urgency of the move. It took 6 months of hard work before I could finally breath again and feel positive about the new path I had chosen. It isn't instant, it isn't easy and good money doesn't start coming in for a decent amount of time, but personally, I feel it was worth it.

Now I have amazing students not only from Indonesia but from more countries than I can count on my fingers. Students who really love my style of teaching and are with me not because I was the only English teacher they knew about but because they chose me.

Please share your story below, have you made a transition to mainly online students yet? Or is it just one of your many talents? :)

How long did it take you to start feeling positive about teaching online? Were their any pleasant surprises along the way?

Looking forward to reading about your experiences! :)