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5000 English Words for Free?

6 years ago
Are you a Verbling student working with a Verbling teacher? Would you like a Free workbook to help you build your English vocabulary?
If your answer to both questions is yes, I have a free English pronunciation workbook for you.
The Free Workbook is more than 100 pages and has 5000 of the most used words in the English language.
The workbook is free with no obligation, and NO, I am not soliciting students, in fact I am not even accepting new students. This Free lined workbook has 5000 words arranged alphabetically and numbered. Next to the word on each line is a column for your to write a sentence using the word.
Your challenge is to check the definition of each word and write a sentence correctly using the word. You can submit your sentences to your Verbling teacher for them to make any necessary corrections.
To get your free workbook you have to send me a message request so I can send you the PDF download.
Mentor Josephan
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