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A Different Way Of Life

6 years ago
I'm someone who has travelled for most of the past 7 years, visiting such places as south east Asia, Australia, the Americas, and Europe. Before 2010, I hadn't travelled anywhere! But now, I luckily have 30 stamps in my passport. I can't think about my life now without thinking about travelling. My plan this year is to move to a country in Europe, teach English, take weekend trips around European cities, and save money to travel South America next year. I used to be very shy and didn't know much about the world, but travelling has shown me so much and helped me grow as a person. Some people find it difficult to understand the way I live, they think that I should get a 'proper job', settle down in a house, and stay in one place. I don't know if there's only a few people who live their lives like I do, but this is my way of life, and I wouldn't change it for anything else.

How would you describe your way of life, are you happy with it, what do you want to change about it?