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A Few Cheeky Animal Expressions

6 years ago
Are you as 'wily as a fox', as 'slippery as a snake' or as 'crazy as a bat'? There are dozens of animal expressions in English here is a short guide to some of the most common ones.
Stubborn as a mule (someone who won't change their mind easily, a very stubborn person)
as crazy as a bat (someone who is crazy!)
wily as a fox (someone who is streetwise and/or cunning)
raining cats and dogs (when it rains A LOT!)
pig headed (even more stubborn than a mule)
hold your horses (slow down with things)
let the cat out of the bag (to reveal a secret)
the elephant in the room (the BIG issue everyone is avoiding talking about)
the lions share (the biggest share of something i.e. he got the lions share of the money when the business was sold)
as quiet as a mouse (very quiet)
Hope this helps send me some example sentences or add new expressions below:)