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A love in absolute confidence

4 years ago

A love in absolute confidence

captured in the Spirit’s longing to be complete
and the body’s persistent desire to be relieved
of the weight it bears in living
thrilling to the loving human touch of that person for
whom it yearns such that in each waking moment I am
on your mind as you are mine and we tremble in
orgasmic excitement smiling with the thought of when
our bodies are once again in penetrating embrace.

Allow me to love you and I will
With all my heart and my body I will adore you
With my life’s hunger to embrace a woman
I will hold you close to me and cause you to be mine
I will pass each night into sleep having looked into your eyes
touched your lips and felt the wonder of your femininity
surrounding me in the comfort of your body’s eloquent flow of love.

I will dance with you
read with you
talk with you
dream with you
pray with you
I will live with you
mature with you in our hearts
and age with you endlessly
I will love you
in absolute confidence.

Mentor Josephan
Spherical Life Perspectives
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Mentor Josephan

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